world creativity and innovation week 2017

I have just discovered that this Saturday, 15th April 2017 is the start of World Creativity and Innovation Week. I have never heard of this before so have done a little research. Below is an interview with the founder of World Creativity Work Marci Segal.

World Creativity and Innovation Day was started in Canada in 2002 in response to a newspaper headline “Canada in Creativity Crisis”. Initially, it was just a day, April 15th, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, but then was expanded to a week in 2005. The premise was that companies, communities, schools and individuals improve moral and engage people in different ways through creativity.

In the video Marci Segal talks about some of the creative events which have taken place:

  • A small group of women have potluck dinners together where each of them cooked something they had never made before.
  • Large corporations held creative weeks for their employees.
  • Communities organised festivals and parades.
  • A school organised a show about Leonardo Da Vinci.

The week is to encourage everyone to be more creative, from an individual to the largest corporation.

Turning a business school classroom into a beach

Let your mind wander

I will be continuing to blog and create cartoons, which I am already doing as part of #the100dayproject.

What will you do for World Creativity and Innovation Week?