Bird poo pony bad idea

The bird poo pony snorted,

at least it did in my head.

I snorted back with regret,

that I had no camera to capture its form,

then I could tame him,

draw reigns on his digital image

Seeing the bird poo pony

OMG, I have just gone all poetic about a bird poo splat I saw walking my dog. But, there it was clear as day, a 10cm bird poo splat in the shape of a pony on the tarmac path. If I hadn’t had my crappy £5 dog walking phone (no camera) on me I would have snapped a photo. I would have then felt compelled to digitally draw on it to fully complete the bird poo pony.

The bird poo pony is your (probably) bad idea

We all know we have a mix of ideas, both good and bad. The problem is that it’s so hard working out which is which. Even as I am writing this post I think of that bird poo pony, my bad idea, and imagine what it could have been. It could have been a whole series of bird poo images. It’s not quite a fluffy cloud lamb though is it, but then again the fact that it is weird and stomach churning makes it noticeable. Noticeable could mean shareable, even virability. It’s like the ridiculousness of how some modern art, unmade bed, formaldehyde cow etc becomes famous for their weirdness.

Think about other ideas that seemed bad too. Did you know that the invention of parrot nappies made millions? The first fart noise app on the iPhone made a million dollars too so there’s no accounting for taste or the lack of it.

So how do you know if your idea is bad?

I don’t think you ever really do. Well not at first anyway. Massive products like the iPhone were once thought to be a fad that would never catch on. So there is no easy way to judge our more humble ideas.

How do you decide which idea to pursue

This is something you have to decide upon by weighing up three things:

  • your conviction in your idea
  • the cost to pursue your idea
  • the time needed to develop your idea

So in the case of the bird poo pony, I could have tried the idea out for nothing in just a few hours. The thing that was missing for me was the conviction in my idea.

What’s your bird poo pony?