One of the weirdest things I heard this week was while I was in a coffee shop. An elderly man went to use the loo, but came back to his family and said:

“they only had a single seater” I’ll go in the other shop.

Now my weird brain automatically pictured a loveseat toilet made for two that naturally would be called a twolet, though of course could also be used for number ones 🙂 .

Unfortunately, although this idea is weird it’s definitely not wonderful, but luckily I have found some ideas around the web that are both.

Pictionary-like Google artificial intelligence that guesses what you’re drawing

weird ideas google autodraw

A new experimental app from google lets you draw while it starts to present guesses to what you might be drawing.
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An edible and compostable future water bottle

A new product called the Ooho is a sphere of water in a gelatinous packaging which could eventually become a future eco-friendly version of the plastic water bottle.
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Spinach leaves converted into human heart tissue

Spinach leaves stripped of their plant cells can create a vascular network like a human heart.
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A scarf makes it impossible to take celebrity photos with flash photography

A scarf has been made which has unique properties which reflect light back into a camera so flash photograhy doesn’t work.
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Video chat with friends and family on a mobile robot

Company Omnilabs is launching a mobile robot with a video chat screen which will allow the user the at the other end to move round your environment.
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Amazing origami artist that helps solve real problems

Robert Lang’s origami work has helped pioneer new answers to real-world engineering problems.
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Is Virtual reality for our own memories really such a great idea?

An interesting article which discusses the good side of virtual reality, but also the downsides. Imagine for instance how great it would be to go replay a scene with a deseased loved on. The author however believes that this could cause issues with us getting stuck in the past unable to move on.
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