If you have a couple of hours to spare (yes it’s that long) have a listen to this podcast where Tim Ferris interviews Scott Adams. The creator of The Dilbert cartoon. In this interview, he talks about how he trained in hypnosis and now uses this to help choose the right language to make his cartoons more appealing. For a cartoon to be funny he also suggests that you need at least two of the 6 elements of humour – Clever, Cute, Bizarre, Cruel, Naughty, Recognizable

I was also interested to read that even though he is a big skeptic in affirmations (me too) a friend persuaded him to try it. He shares how he has had remarkable results. He explains how this is probably because by writing or saying a goal out loud each day it makes it stick in your mind. This means that you are more likely to notice things that could potentially take you closer to your goals.

Have a listen if you get time.