Sunday ranks highly as a ‘just can’t be arsed day,’ do you know what I mean? But you’ve promised yourself you will create something every day. Stupid idea that was! That’s my story anyway, I need to create a piece of content for this blog every day.

So I begin to think of my options and excuses. Well, I just bought a ukulele today and have been trying it out, that’s creative, isn’t it? But I’m not sure you’ll be impressed with me posting my rendition of Humpty Dumpty or a fumbling Eagles “Take it Easy’. My fingers hurt too, so perhaps blogging could be detrimental to my health.


Don’t they say that to be creative you need to rest and let your mind recharge? Perhaps I should follow that advice, but I know that’s just another one of a million excuses.

Then I contemplate posting up a cool video I found on creativity. A couple of sentences and wham bam I’m done, and I’ve done that other days, days when I’ve had stuff to do. But on a lazy Sunday, well that just seems wrong. And I’m stubborn, I have that Seinfeld chart with rows of XXXXXs in my head, and a voice going “you will not break the chain”.

I could use that post I’ve got half written… but I had that planned for later in the week. Maybe I could write another post around one of the random words I explored, but that needs some research and…I just can’t be arsed.

And in the time I have made my excuses and debated my options I could have written a post several times over.

So in conclusion, when you can’t be arsed, write about the fact you can’t be arsed, it’s only human.