secret creative powers scampi

I want to let you into a powerful secret you have probably never heard before. Scampi can make you more creative. I can tell you this from personal experience. Last week I was trying out a design idea for a creative workbook I’m working on. It was based on my little blue cartoon woman with a handwritten typeface. It was driving me nuts as I just couldn’t get it to look right.

So I took a break for lunch, a scampi salad and literally within minutes I realised where I was going wrong. You see, mystical scampi powers.

Challenge Your Assumptions

So in all seriousness, my real problem was that I wasn’t challenging my own assumptions. I had embedded in my mind that the book would have a similar look and type-style to my cartoons. So I was blinkered to all other options. Stepping away from the computer gave my subconscious space to work while I was mundanely chopping up salad. It’s a bit like getting ideas in the shower (you can watch more on the science of that in this video).

Next, I thought about using a style I’d used before to re-design my logo creativity cards. Of course, even this meant my thinking had narrowed too quickly. Whereas at this stage it should be wide and open to all ideas.

Re-Open Your Mind

So it’s back to the drawing board. I need to re-open my mind to other possibilities. That doesn’t mean that I won’t come back to these ideas, but I will have explored more.

Next time you work on a creative project, stop and think what assumptions you’re making.

Has you mind got stuck on one idea?

What could you do to widen your thinking (divergent thinking)?

  • Perhaps its a case of imagining you’re someone else, to try and see the job with fresh eyes.
  • Perhaps you could mindmap ideas in case there are things you haven’t considered fully?
  • Perhaps you could reframe your problem or ask yourself new questions.
  • Perhaps you could introduce something random. Take a random word or image and see how it can relate back to your problem.
  • Perhaps you could freewrite and let your subconscious ideas flow to the surface.

Let me know how you get on.