Years ago, when I was a kid I would rarely be found without a pencil and sketch pad in my hands. I just loved drawing. But that all changed, when I became a graphic designer. All of my work was done digitally and while I scribbled out ideas on paper I would always take them on to the computer to develop them. Even my personal work was the same.

A bit like a builder never gets round to putting in their own kitchen, drawing and creating stuff by hand had become a chore. Then a few weeks ago I did a little challenge with Sandra Busby to test if alcohol increased creativity. One of the exercises was to sketch a bottle. While my drawings were pretty pants, it was fun to do. I enjoyed the process (well I did after a few Proseccos killed my nerves) rather than worrying too much about the outcome.

Last weekend I fancied trying some more hand created drawings and I found a doodling course by one of my favourite character designers, Jon Burgerman on Skillshare (I have his poster on my office wall). I have previously done some of the more geeky Skillshare courses as my partner bought me a years subscription last Christmas. But this course was different as it was much more about having a bit of fun, than being too educational.

It’s a great little course that anyone can do. Burgerman gets you to do some simple doodling exercises without taking your pen off the paper. I only did the course up to the point where he took the designs onto the computer as that’s the thing I wanted to avoid. And while my doodles won’t win any awards it was fun.

doodle family

doodle fish

I decided to start a little project to create a quick non-precious doodle every morning. Prior to starting my doodles, I am pre-messing up the pages of my sketchbook to get rid of the scary white paper – “the blank stank” :).

Pre-messing up the paper – the blank stank

pre-messed up doodle pages

My first few days are all messed up ready. I am hoping by having a non-preciousness about the creation it can help me rekindle a love of creating and drawing by hand. I am even tempted to take some real paints on holiday later this year. It has been a long time since I have wanted to do that.

Some of my first five minute doodle sketchbook pages

doodles on messed up

How can you get the fun back into your creativity even if it’s just in 10 minutes a day?