Last week I continued to explore options for dog product ideas for my product idea challenge. After going through the different categories of pet product which threw up some initial ideas, this time I started looking for inspiration from other product niches.

kitchen gadgets for ideas

I decided to home in on dog boredom toys for this exercise and see how non-pet products might provide the catalyst for new ideas. So far I have looked at kitchen products and baby products. Each time I’m both using the images as visual stimulus and breaking down the product attributes to see how they might be incorporated into a dog toy.

baby stuff for inspiration

It’s amazing when you take a kitchen product, for example, a salt shaker how easily you can see resemblances to existing dog treat toys. For instance, they both have a container which can be filled, they both have a hole to dispense the food. The container has to be tipped to release the food. The same principle can be applied to other kitchen products for new dog product inspiration.

salt shaker inspiration

If something seems even vaguely interesting I’m either jotting it down or sketching something out. These are not intended to be good drawings, but purely to remind me of my thoughts. Drawing something out it can also sometimes stimulate more ideas, as you can make visual connections with things that have related shapes. It’s important to capture even the weakest ideas. Combined with a future idea it could prove to have greater potential.

This week I will continue this exercise and then move on to other creative thinking techniques.