Organise ideas with Stickyboard 2 for iPad

Sticky notes are great when you are trying to organise ideas for a creative project. They allow you to freely move ideas around and swap out different options. However they are a bit of a pain, they fall off and are a bit messy, so I looked at digital options.

organise ideas stickyboard2

After trying out a few different apps I was pleased to find Stickyboard 2. The app provides virtual sticky notes which you can type on using your keyboard. The winning feature of this app for me was that I could also draw and scribble notes on the background like it’s a whiteboard. I used it in conjunction with my iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

I am using the app to try and organise my ideas for a workbook and I have been struggling with the structure. The app allows me to create virtual sticky notes and move them around. In the background, I have also drawn a grid to represent days. This lets me place each of my sticky note within a square.

What makes this app better than real sticky notes is that once you have something that looks promising, you can duplicate the board. You can then move your ideas around, knowing that your previous board is intact should you wish to revert back to it. It allows you to experiment freely. I have multiple versions of my workbook structure. I can keep experimenting with my sticky boards until I reach a solution that I am happy with.

Cardflow, a similar way to organise your ideas on the iPad

cardflow organise creative projects

The same company also have a similar app called Cardflow where instead of sticky notes you use digital index cards.

These are a little different from the sticky notes because you can hand draw and write on the cards themselves. Although you can’t draw in the background on the free version (you can on the paid version). The paid version also allows you to add links and photographs. These digital index cards could work well if you wanted to be more visual with doodles etc.