There is a creative thinking technique that suggests you think like a child. In the video below Melissa Hughes talks about how and why this works. In particular, she mentions an experiment that was carried out on two groups of University Students. One group is told, you are seven years old and school is canceled, what would you do? The other group is just told that school is canceled what would you do? Both groups were then tasked with writing their responses. Subsequently, the two groups are given adult creative tasks. Surprisingly, the creativity of the group who were previously asked to think like a child was carried over into the adult tasks.

Melissa explains the science behind how our brain develops. As we become more inhibited and worried what people think our creativity diminishes.

I also love the project she talks about where an artist takes children’s monster drawings amazing works of art at the monster engine.

monster engine child creativity

Richard Pettitt on How Children’s Art Can Improve Your Art

Richard Pettitt has also written a post on a similar theme called How Children’s Art Can Improve your Art.

“Unlike a lot of adult artists, most child artists want to show you their work. They bring it to you. They give it to you. They don’t hide it away or get precious about their art like adults do. Children gift their art to other people, and then make more art.

Child artists are prolific and experimental. Compared to most adult artists, they make more art and do it quicker. Their marks are often bolder and more spontaneous. And the materials they enjoy using seem to be more diverse and a lot messier; they paint, smear, cut, stick, and mix things up.”
Richard Pettitt childrens art
So next time you need to be creative, think like a child.