In the previous two mind mapping articles I went through:
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Introducing doodles to your mind maps

Now I want to show you how you can do mind mapping with the addition of doodles (little sketches). If you’re not artistic keep reading because this doesn’t require fantastic drawing abilities. The doodles just let you think visually as well as verbally.

Start by mind mapping as you would normally, but now add in some doodles of the words you are writing down. Whereas before you were thinking of related words, now look at the doodles and think what else they look like too. It doesn’t have to be literally related. Maybe the shape reminds you of something else, or send you off into new directions of thought.

Example doodling on a mind map

Let me give you an example. I am going to continue using the contact lens theme I used before when I was trying to come up with advert ideas. So you could start with the words contact lenses in the middle of the page. Then you might also doodle a contact lens. Now as well as thinking of words related to contact lenses you can try and see if the doodle reminds you of anything.

So perhaps the doodle looks a bit like a mountain, write and doodle it. Then carry on in the same manner. Perhaps the lens also looks like a hat, or a UFO, doodle them and see if it gives you any more ideas. Continue branching off with ideas and doodles. When you get stuck go back to the middle word contact lenses and start a new branch. You could doodle an eye which looks like a wheel. This could give you new ideas about the contact lenses being good for night vision. What about doodling an eye chart. The large letters could make you think of giants and then you draw a beanstalk. Continue to fill your page with more words and doodles until you have lots of ideas.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.