I have just found some cool videos which show some projects and collaborations that Ikea is working on. One of the projects is sending their designers to the Mars Desert Research Station habitat in Utah. It’s a confined spacecraft-like environment that simulates the experience of outer space. The idea is that the designers use the inspiration to design furniture and storage for small spaces.

Other Creative Projects and Collaborations

Also in the following video they talk about some other fascinating projects and collaborations


Think of bad ideas

Ikea wanted a solution to make their LED lightbulbs 50% cheaper. Standard thinking would be to source cheaper materials. In fact, they turned that on its head and used more expensive materials. They discovered they could use less of the dearer materials which brought the cost down. This is a classic example of the creative thinking technique to come up with bad ideas and then turn them around.

Allow Yourself to Make mistakes

They once tried making a sofa out of plastic blocks of air. In trying to be too different they made a lot of mistakes. Even though it failed they learned from their mistakes and pushed boundaries and ideas.

Ikea Collaborations with Creatives

They talk about collaborations with creatives from various niches such as: musicians, perfumers, architects, artists and designers. They are going to explore designing for different spaces, and the effect of sound, smell and scents.