This was another one of my experiments while I was on holiday last week to create ideas for characters. I really enjoyed the experiments, they were very unlike how I would normally work. In general, I have a character concept to start with and work from there. These experiments let the visual content become the starting point. However, you could still start with a concept and use this method for inspiration for shapes and colour as well.

magazine inspiration

Tear up old magazines

I tore up bits from my boyfriend’s old magazines, which I thought could be made into characters. This included pictures of things such as a game remote, gold clubs and a trophy. Around them, I added strips of colour from the magazine. Then I took a photo.

ripped pages for character ideas

Use the image as character idea inspiration

Then I pulled the image into Procreate on the iPad, reduced the opacity and started working over the top. Using the shapes and colours from the magazine montage as a starting point I created little characters.

ideas for characters

Something to explore more

This is something that I would like to explore more and spend a bit of time on. The same method could also be used to inspire other things such as product ideas or pattern and textile design.