Erik Wahl is definitely a man who knows how to have ideas and execute them. I first heard about him via The Abundant Artist on Facebook. There was a brilliant video of him doing a cross between a motivational speech and a live painting performance. What I found so clever was that he now doesn’t actually sell his paintings, but he does give a few away at the events. He has found a way to make a living doing the work he loves and at the same time brought a scarcity to his work. What a great idea and great marketing.

The Spark and Grind Video Series and Book

The Spark and the Grind - How to have ideas Erik Wahl has now written a book called The Spark and Grind and created an accompanying set of videos which are well worth watching. They are interviews with creatives and entrepreneurs who have had an idea, the spark and then have successfully executed on the idea, the grind.

Stay Foolish – MisterKrisp

One of my favourite videos is a woman who started making things like a replica burger with rice crispies and melted marshmallows just for fun. It became so popular she quit her job and now does it full time, even though she says it’s the only thing she can cook. It just goes to show you can never really tell what will catch on.

Fall in Love –  Vivienne Gucwa

The woman who fell in love with photographing New York, after taking photos in a blizzard with a broken point and shoot camera.

Defamiliarize the Ordinary – Dr Irwin Adam

A scientist who combined his love of food and science.

You can find the rest of the series of videos on youtube – The Spark and Grind Series