This blog post was written using the random word/noun wedding as inspiration which was supplied by Judith Morgan. I did start going off on a little tangent about being wed to your idea but had to reign myself back in. See tomorrow’s blog post for the process

idea honeymoon

How to get past the idea honeymoon

Although it sometimes seems like ideas come from a big Eureka moment, they are usually the marriage of two or more unrelated ideas bubbling in our subconscious. However, it still feels magical and we get a rush of excitement.

The idea honeymoon stage

This is the idea honeymoon period, the stage when the passion for your idea is high, but it only exists in your head. You feel like this idea is “the one”. You “know” it’s that elusive idea that will make a difference or change your life. Then comes the trickier period, when you start to see its faults. You’ll also notice the difficulties you need to overcome in order to see it through and make it happen.

Idea evaluation

I still struggle with this stage. I try to evaluate: how easy or quick is it to pursue, how much do I want to do it, how much will it cost. Once you decide it’s something you really want to do, it’s worth quickly taking a first step before you have time to change your mind. I have a tendency to scare myself with what can go wrong with an idea.

Take action

I listened to a podcast recently, it was an interview with a woman called Mel Robbins all about a 5-second rule. She suggests that when you’re thinking about doing something count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then take action in some way. She also explains the science behind it. It totally makes sense, you are not giving yourself time to get anxious or procrastinate. It’s like volunteering to be first to make a presentation before you have time to worry yourself into a blithering mess (maybe that’s just me?).

How easy it is to avoid action

Even with small ideas, this theory seems to help get things kick started. I had a little idea a few weeks ago to cut up magazines and see if I could make cartoon characters from them. I was sitting on the couch mulling it over, wondering if it would work. And then I thought “what the hell are you doing?”. This is not rocket science, we have magazines, I have an iPad to draw on, this will only take a couple of hours – “get off your ass chop up some magazines and try it”. And so I did.

So when you get an idea that you intend to pursue, try exploring it by taking action even if it’s only a small one.