Last week I was working on my upcoming idea generation workbook and course. The topic was about chopping things up to create new ideas. While I was creating an example I checked my email. As per usual, I had some junk mail. I wondered if I could somehow make the junk mail into something interesting.

My first thought was little poems made up from cut up words, but then I thought, what about motivational quotes instead. I can’t tell you how excited I was every time I got junk mail last week. My only disappointment was that there was none for Viagra, that might have included some interesting words. What happened to the good old days when you got loads of those?

So I took screenshots of all my beautiful junk mail, printed it out and compiled some quotes. Then I made some little scribbles and worked them up in Adobe Illustrator. How’s that for a wild Sunday afternoon.


Quote love and fun 1 billion dollars



junk mail images

celebrating improvement junk mail quote

hidden wisdom of junk mail

junk mail quote

celebrating life quote