Creative ideas app

There are a few different apps out there which aim to help you come up with Creative ideas. I must admit that I am yet to find one that totally works for me, but every now and again I will use one. My issue with most creative idea generation apps are that they tend to be quite generic, it’s the same with books on creativity. The app obviously does not know what I am working on and so I have to try and work out what would be the closest fit for my issue to get ideas. Let me explain, if I am trying to come up with logo design ideas, it’s a completely different kettle of fish to coming up with product or business ideas. So, how do I know which creative techniques to try? Without practice, I don’t, so it’s a bit of a case if trial and error.

The Creative Whack Pack

The best app I have found so far is the Creative Whack Pack, though it still sometimes leaves me perplexed as I try and shoehorn my idea needs into its structure. It is a good looking app and within it are fairly good instructions on how to use it.

How to use the Creative Whack Pack to help get ideas

You can either ask for a random card (whack) to try and get your creative juices going or do a workshop. With a workshop, you choose an issue or have the app choose one for you. Then, you choose the type of workshop you want to do. The workshop types are explained by clicking on the question mark button. Depending which you choose, you will be shown creativity cards from certain categories. The card fronts show an image with the main heading and then on the reverse, you are presented with further information and questions to stimulate different lines of thinking.

I think these cards act in a similar manner to using random stimulus. They have the potential to make you question your normal way of thinking and look in new directions. It’s a great idea and it has helped me on occasions in the past, but I don’t always find my creative problems fit that well within its structure, but maybe that’s just me.

The app creator Roger Von Oech also has a book called A Whack on The Side of the Head which talks about the same creative methods as are used on the cards which isĀ also worth a read.