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Years ago I used to get the odd job of coming up with ideas for product names. One such job was to generate names for a fire extinguisher of all things. My partner and I brainstormed over a bottle of Prosecco on a Friday night. From our options, they chose Easi-Action, which makes me laugh. It sounds like a dirty movie and was probably alcohol induced. Anyway, it was fun!

Create a list of associated words

Nowadays there are better ways of coming up with business or domain name ideas. Prosecco is optional. First, mind map or list out words related to your company, product or domain. Try using a Thesaurus or a site like Rhymezone for ideas. You can also use Google to search for words related to your topic. For example, if the name is related to pet toys search for ‘words related to dogs’ and ‘words related to toys’. Another option is to put your words ie. “Dog toys” in Google Images or one of the Photo libraries. The images may give you additional inspiration.

Some great websites to give your more domain name ideas


Once you have a list of words, there are a couple of websites you can use for further options. Go to Bustaname and start inputting your words two at a time. As you input words the arrow on the right which gives you further alternative words. You can choose to add any of these too if they’re suitable. Bustaname will start trying to combine your words. I always set it to only show me names where the dot com is available. Of course, you can change it to any domains you are happy with.
Bustaname domain name ideas


Another great tool is Namemesh. I think I prefer this to Bustaname, though both work well. Put two of your words which go well together in the box. Then hit generate. I usually only look at the ‘similar section‘. Scroll through to see if there are any options you like. I also like to write down options which are interesting but not necessarily suitable. I’ll then input these new words into the box and hit generate again. Keep a note of any ideas you like as you go.
Namemesh domain name ideas

Watch out for weird combinations

One thing to double check is that your domain name doesn’t read badly as something else. For example, I once came up with the domain name IdeasExchange. Of course, it could also read IdeaSexChange which wasn’t quite what I had in mind!

Check if social media names area available

Use to check if your chosen domain is also available on social media.