Stanford Seminar: Life Hacks for Breakthrough Thinking

This video offers a little insight on to why you get your best ideas in the shower. The presenter Judah Pollack say the research shows that through practice we can improve our creative thinking.

He says there are 3 Keys to Breakthrough Thinking


Your brain can rewire itself to be more creative with practice. When you have a new idea you can literally look inside your brain and see new pathways

Associated Thinking

Taking unrelated ideas and putting them together. This can be practiced using different creative thinking techniques.

Mode Switching

This is where the shower come in. It’s when your brain isn’t having to concentrate too hard. This gives the different parts of the brain the capacity to work together to find solutions for you.

Tips on Overcoming Fear and Doubt

The second speaker Olivia Fox Cabane goes on to say that uncertainty and fear hinder our creativity. They can both make parts of our brain shut down. She suggests becoming more at ease with uncertainty by deliberately missing the end of a film or sports match.

Have a listen and see what you think.