Getting back my drawing mojo

Trying to get back my love of drawingI've been attempting to get back my old love of drawing by hand and filled up a sketchbook on holiday. I've been drawing for the fun of drawing without worrying too much about the outcome or thinking what I can do with them. Basically, I'm pretending I'm a kid again when drawing wasn't about earning money or creating something to try and license it. Doing graphic design for years seemed to have killed my love of drawing for drawing's sake and I WANT IT BACK. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Posted by Ideamedic on Monday, 9 October 2017


Last week my partner, my dog and I went to Devon on holiday. It was lovely, if rather rainy at times. But in some ways the rain was good as we spent some time in the cottage we rented and I drew a lot.

Devon lynmouth

Did you used to love drawing as a kid and then stopped?

I have never totally stopped drawing, but I fell out of love of drawing by hand. As a graphic designer, I sometimes draw for a living. I found that I only drew if it was for work or to create something like character designs that I hoped to license. It was never just for the pure pleasure of drawing anymore. After doing a bit of sketching for the Does Alcohol Increase Creativity Podcast, I decided I wanted to try and get my “Drawing for Fun” mojo back.

That’s one of the great thing about ideas and creativity, each one can start you on a new path to fresh ideas.
The act of “doing” rather than just thinking moves things forward.

devon drawings sketches

Fill a cheap sketchbook

I started by taking a doodling course by Jon Burgerman on Skillshare and then began creating a doodle on a pre-messed up bit of paper each morning. Then, while I was on holiday I filled a whole A5 sketchbook up with doodles and sketches. These were anything from sketches of the views around us, things around the house, to little character doodles. Plus, I did something I had never done before and tried out a drawing word prompt (other than my own) from the Inktober project. I am incredibly stubborn and for some reason have always shied away from using other people’s prompts, almost like it was cheating (weird maybe?). I purposefully bought a cheap £1 sketchbook too so I wouldn’t mind wasting it when a drawing went wrong.

dog drawing for fun

Not feeling good enough

If you look at some of the amazing work on Instagram it’s easy to feel that “you’re not good enough”. As I am creating mine I am trying to be un-precious, quick and not to worry too much about the outcome. First and foremost I want it to be fun, then secondly I hope as I sketch and doodle they will get better. And, while I admire the most beautifully detailed works of art, I know I wouldn’t have the patience to create them (even if I had the skills).

drawing mojo doodles.jpg

Should you have a style?

Ultimately I would like to find an art style that I enjoy (at least for now) and develop that a bit. Previously I have resisted developing a personal style. I’ve always felt that the style should suit the thing you’re creating rather than one personal style. This probably relates to my graphic design background, when you are trying to make the work for different clients look different. I will write more about this as I work through it.

Have you rediscovered your love of drawing?