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Don’t worry if you are not interested in writing. Freewriting (also known as Brainwriting) is not actually about writing itself. It’s a Creative technique you can use to generate ideas for anything. It’s designed to help your subconscious to freely put ideas onto paper.

What is freewriting/brainwriting?

Freewriting involves writing about your subject or problem without stopping for set periods of time. It’s literally a brain dump. If you get stuck you write anything. You can even repeat yourself or go off on a tangent about anything that pops into your head. Unknowingly our brains censor everything. When we normally write it is very considered/edited. The theory with freewriting is that your brain doesn’t have time to censor itself. This allows subconscious thoughts to spill out onto the page.

Once you finish writing, read it through and see if any of it is useful. If it is, you can always take an element of it continue freewriting around it.

TheAccidental Genius book

accidental genius freewriting bookMy first introduction to the Freewriting technique came from reading Accidental Genius by Mark Levy. In the book Mark Levy gives additional techniques you can use alongside your freewriting. These include using prompts, focus changers and telling yourself lies. You can also check out a podcast with Mark Levy about the book here http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/how-to-bring-out-your-genius-yes-you-can-with-mark-levy/

How I have used freewriting

One of the ideas I used freewriting for was for coming up with a character design style. I had already looked for reference and experimented with a few styles.  However, nothing was working. I then used freewriting to explore other things I could try. As the theme was based around business, one of the ideas that came out of my writing was sticky notes. After playing around with this concept I used long sticky notes to form the bodies of the characters.

I have since developed these into non-business characters.

3 sticky note cards

Try using freewriting to generate ideas for yourself

A few suggestions:

  • generate product ideas in a specific niche ie. food, sport etc
  • generate marketing ideas for your business
  • generate ideas for a new character design or art style
  • generate ideas for a short story
  • generate new business ideas you could start