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Today’s guest is Orna Ross is an award-winning novelist and poet and an advocate for independent authors and creative solopreneurs. As well as running her publishing company, she is Founder-Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors and The Creativist Club.

In this Podcast Orna shares some of the creative techniques she uses to help her stay inspired. She also offers advice on how to find an audience for your work.


Orna is a writer, she calls herself a word merchant, but everything else comes from that. She has done a lot of different things in her writing career including being a journalist, university lecturer and literary agent.

Orna always wanted to write a novel and had her first novel traditionally published many years ago. She found trade publishing quite restrictive and discovered self-publishing, which she has been doing ever since.

As well as self-publishing her own work she created a non-profit organisation “Alliance of Independent Authors” for other writers or wanted to self-publish. The company aims to help and educate writers about self-publishing.

Go Creative Series

Orna has written a series of nine books called “Go Creative“. They are aimed at creative entrepreneurs, which she defines as – people who (want to) create a values-based business and have a positive impact in the world. The series are a guide to growing a business the creative way. Her latest book in the series is called Go Creative! It’s Your Native State

“Beginning with seven kinds of creative block, this book demonstrates how to become a conscious creator and how to develop the habits that foster originality, insight and innovative thinking. You’ll learn how to engage the create-state any time you want and what it means to go creative, in work and in life.”

Connect with Orna

You can find out more about Orna at her website www.ornaross.com
Creativist Club – www.ornaross.com/join-the-club
Alliance of Independent Authors – www.allianceindependentauthors.org

The free online self-publishing conference on 14th April can be found at www.selfpublishingadviceconference.com/