Petrie Hahn Product Developer Toy Inventor

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Today’s guest is Petrie Hahn from

Petrie originally started off as a graphic designer and then moved into designing and creating a few plush toy brands. He now helps other people create and get their products to market.

Petrie Hahn is currently based in Denver. Although he studied furniture design he started off by working as a graphic designer, helping companies create their branding.

When his brother married into a family in the toy industry Petrie moved into that area and his work evolved into creating two plush toy brands and one pet brand, and

mynatural toy company

It was a steep learning curve, but he learned how to transition his design skills into working in 3D, along with an understanding onf how to bring products to market.

Petrie talks about some of the mistakes that people with product ideas have including spending way too much money without validating their idea first. To validate an idea he suggests going to trade shows and talking to people there and even talking to store buyers and managers to get feedback. He also gives his advice on patenting toy ideas.

You can find out more about Petrie at and on LinkedIn