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Today’s interview is with Angie Noll from I first came across Angie when I took one of her art journaling courses on Skillshare, where she also teaches writing. Angie is passionate about writing and creativity and does illustration work. Her current passion is writing children’s stories. She has recently submitted her work to some competitions and has her fingers crossed.

Angie’s background

Angie was originally from South Africa, but now lives in New Zealand. She has a degree in Psychology and first went into coaching, but realised her real passion was for creativity through her writing and art.

Angie has a philosophy to take only natural action, which she read about from Bruce Lee. It’s a philosophy called Wu Wei about following what feels natural to you. Angie had an incredible urge to create art when she got to New Zealand. She tried out any different medium and method she could think of. Her youngest daughter, who was only about 8 months at the time would be sleeping on her back in a sling while she painted.

Angie’s family were academic. Even though they were good at music, it was only considered a hobby, art was not really encouraged. She originally felt that she never really excelled at anything, she was a dreamer. But when she got to University, she surprised herself by doing really well and getting distinctions in her first year. She felt she had proved herself then, but then she was looking for what was next.

Learning to write and paint

She then had a yearning to write, and took a course in creative writing, then journalism. She got a little bit addicted to learning. Her first writing was for children, which she now says was terrible. She then tried blogging. Angie now makes sure she writes every day in some form or other. Angie taught herself art.

Writing crime stories

The first writing that Angie had published was a short crime story. She lived in South Africa at the time which was synonymous for crime. The short stories she’d read did not impress her and so she thought she would have a go herself. The original idea for her first story came from waiting for her daughter at school. She imagined that one of the mothers could have a completely different life that no-one knew about. For example, she could be about to take part in a jewellery heist.

Creative challenges

As well as writing daily, Angie also sets herself art challenges. She is currently challenging herself to draw flowers.

Teaching online

When Angie was a child she never understood the concept of playing. However, colouring and pretending she was a teacher did make sense to her. Looking back at what she liked doing as a child showed her passion to teach. She has taught in person, but decided to try teaching online, which she does via her website and on Skillshare.

Art journalling

Angie keeps several different art journals for different topics and also teaches journalling online

Angie’s tip for building a creative habit

Think about learning something creative by taking a course and combining it with daily action.

Where to find Angie

You can find Angie on her website at on Instagram @i_am_angienoll on Medium and on