Matt Nuccio toy inventor

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Today’s interview is with Matt Nuccio , a Toy inventor and owner of Design Edge. Matt has been inventing toys since he was a child. In this podcast, he talks about how he gets toy ideas and brings them to market. He also offers advice to novice inventors. You can find Matt’s company at

First toy invention

Matt invented his first toy when he was about 7 years old. He had the idea to create Ninja toys based on a Saturday morning show he had been watching. His Dad worked at a toy company at the time and he used to go in with him on a Saturday sometimes. With the help of the people at the toy company, they mocked up versions of the toys and they went on to become good sellers.

Coming up with toy ideas

Matt tends to find that he comes up with toy ideas all the time. He will often have something just pop in his head while he is driving and will have to pull over to write it down. If he knows a company really well he might just ring them up and tell them the idea to get their opinion. If they think it has potential, he will then develop it more.

When they work for other companies on toy projects they work slightly differently. They start with a basic brief from the company. They then just sit together and do a lot of brainstorming and fast drawing around a table.

One of Matts current toy/game inventions is Hashtagit. It was an idea he came up with before going to a meeting at Hasbro. he rushed to the office and mocked something up before the meeting. Hasbro liked it, but it ended up getting licensed to another company.

How to make a cheap toy prototype

If Matt has an idea, his company can easily create a prototype as they are a product development company. But for inventors with little budget, he suggests buying similar toys and adapting them. You can also create a video to show how your toy would work.

Sharing your toy invention ideas

Matt thinks you shouldn’t worry too much about showing your toy idea as otherwise, you’ll never sell it. You really want a sounding board at the beginning so you can see if your toy idea is on the right lines. Matt sometimes see’s people who have been working on an idea for 5 years and have only ever shown their patent attorney. Sometimes there is nothing in these ideas and yet they have already spent a lot of time and money on patents and attorneys.

Where to find Matt and Design Edge

If you would like to find out more about Matt Nuccio and his product development company Design Edge you can visit