Rob Cubbon Creative Entrepreneur who learns business and then teaches online

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Today’s guest is Rob Cubbon from Rob has been blogging since 2006 and gone from being a Graphic Designer to a successful entrepreneur.

Rob was originally a Graphic Designer

Rob originally used to work for companies in London doing graphic design work. After he started blogging and learning about SEO he managed to get himself on the front page of Google for some key design terms which brought him regular freelance design clients.

Passive Income

Rob started transitioning to passive income initially through affiliate links on his blog. Affiliate links for things like hosting can be very lucrative if you have a lot of readers. Rob also started building an email list.

After Affiliate links came pdf ebooks which he originally sold through Clickbank years ago. He now sells Kindle e-books through Amazon. Through his blog and books, Rob could see which topics were popular and began making online video courses which he put on Udemy. His first one was comprised of several Youtube videos that he had already made, which he organised into a course and gave away for free. After this proved popular he began making paid courses. He has now made over 20 video courses, and he can make them very quickly in only a few hours by subcontracting out the editing.

How Rob gets ideas for his business and courses

Rob gets ideas from other entrepreneurs. He will go to meet-ups and hear what everyone is working on and excited by. Then he will go and learn about the topic and then start testing it as a business for himself. For example, he heard about Amazon Merch through an entrepreneur friend. Amazon Merch is an on-demand clothing business Amazon owns that allows artists and entrepreneurs to create and sell their own t-shirt and clothing designs without any financial outlay. Rob learned about Amazon Merch, tried and tested things and learned the best ways to create designs that sold well. Once he was making a decent income through the business he then packages his knowledge and expertise into a video course.

If you’re interested in learning about Merch, you can find Rob’s course on his website. He has also kindly said that if you drop him an email he will let you take the course for free.


Rob believes mindset is incredibly important for an entrepreneur. He went from feeling unmotivated to feeling much more energised after he changed a few things in his life. He believes meditation, affirmations and stopping bad thoughts in their tracks helped him become successful and happier. Rob has written several books on the topic of Mindfulness.

He recommends reading Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now
He also likes Alan Watts and Byron Katie

Rob looking to the future

Rob is very interested in Steamit, a relatively new social media platform and blockchain (Rob explains what Blockchain is in the podcast). He is also interested in learning more about AI

Where to find Rob

You can find Rob at where you will also find his courses and books.