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Kiran Patel, also known as Illustrating Rain is full time artist. She has a degree in Sociology and had a very academic start. She had numerous careers not necessarily related to art, but always did art as a hobby in the background.

What you will learn in this podcast

• A little bit about Kiran’s background and how she got started
• How she first got her art out there pre-social media
• Where Kiran gets her inspiration and how her style evolved
• Kiran’s advice for anyone who wants to create
• About the book Kiran has written called The Spirit of Creating: Uncovering The Creativity Within
• Books that Kiran likes
• Where to connect with Kiran

A bit about Kiran’s background

Kiran always knew she wanted to be an artist, but didn’t know how to go about becoming one. She tried fashion and then went into sociology, but she was always creating art in the background. She didn’t believe you could really make a living out of art.

How she first got her art “out there” pre-social media

Kiran started trying to get her art seen before social media was about, so she had to do it the old-fashioned way. This involved submitting her work to galleries and competitions. It was a lot of work for very little reward at the beginning. It felt like it was all in the hands of gatekeepers. With social media and the Internet, you now don’t have to wait for permission to show and sell your art.

Amour abstract art kiran patel

© Copyright Kiran Patel, Illustrating Rain

Where Kiran gets her inspiration and how her style evolved

Kiran’s style came about through sheer practice. Her work is abstract, but is inspired by nature even though she doesn’t directly use nature as a reference. She creates her art with inks to begin with, maybe watercolour, bleach and gold leaf.

She now works a lot for art consultants who provide art for places like hotels and spas. They will send her a spec on what they’re working on, have a look at some of her art or maybe commission her to do a set of works. She also licenses her work and sells her artwork directly on Artfinder and Etsy.

One of the downsides of licensing your work is that your art tends to remain anonymous so it doesn’t help get your name out there.

Kiran creates work in collections. She will experiment with styles, or perhaps start with a title. Once she finds something she likes, she will expand that into a collection. The work will still have the same overall “feel” that it belongs to her as an artist.

Kiran’s advice for anyone who wants to create

Kiran’s advice for someone who wants to create is to just start. Don’t think too much about it or load too much importance on it. Sometimes our expectations can stop us just beginning. Try building a structure into your work.

Even before she was a full-time artist Kiran built structure into her work without even knowing it. She would create a body of work for an agent or an exhibition or using a theme, or title and even give herself deadlines.

About the book Kiran has written called The Spirit of Creating: Uncovering The Creativity Within

The Spirit of Creating bookKiran has just published her book The Spirit of Creating: Uncovering The Creativity Within. It’s about the individual thoughts we have that we can pay too much attention to. These thoughts can stop us creating art. It could be things like “I’m too old” or “it’s too late” or “it’s not possible”. All these labels can prevent us from doing what we really want. If you can get past this you will be able to create without undue noise on your head.

Books that Kiran likes

A few years ago Kiran read all of Julia Cameron’s books including The Artist’s Way. She now tends to read a lot about spiritual development and is especially interested in the three principles uncovered by Sydney Banks.

Where to connect with Kiran

You can find Kiran at She has an Etsy shop
She’s on Instagram and Facebook. You can find her book on Amazon.