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My podcast guest today is Andrea Jordan, a writer, photographer and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs who runs her business from her backpack. Currently Andrea is in Buenos Aires in Argentina, however, she is originally from New Zealand and has also lived in London. In this episode, we discover Andrea’s favourite place for photography as well as her tips for finding inspiration and managing ideas.

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What you will learn in this episode

  • How Andrea went from corporate lawyer to business woman and nomadic creative strategist
  • Why travelling in itself creative and what creative projects Andrea has on the go at the moment
  • Andrea’s favourite place for photography
  • Tips for finding inspiration and managing ideas
  • Andrea’s favourite creative tools and resources

Andrea’s story

Andrea has been travelling around Latin America for the last 11 months. He business is that of a business strategist, helping early start-up businesses in their first 1 – 3 years. She works mainly with creative entrepreneurs. She is also a photographer as well, but her background is as a corporate lawyer in both London and NZ.

It took a few years to transform from lawyer to the life she has today. In London, she was working foolish hours as a lawyer and got sick. After being signed off on sick leave for a couple of weeks Andrea went to Devon and remembers waking up that first morning thinking ‘I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore’. So she went to a couple of career coaches, moved back to NZ, and then started to find her way into a different career.

On travel and creative projects

Coming to a new place in itself is a creative project because there is so much inspiration everywhere. Andrea finds inspiration walking the streets with her camera seeing if she can capture what daily life is all about.

At the moment, in Buenos Aires, she is enjoying the dancing, especially the tango. Andrea says it’s fabulous to watch. There’s also a lot of street art which is interesting, as well as differences in markets and buildings and landscapes that she enjoys noticing.

Andrea also has a passion for writing, and has done since a she was a little girl. As a lawyer she did mostly technical writing but now she writes regularly on the blog for business posts and does creative writing, including children’s stories, just for herself. She does hope to put these out into the world someday.

©copyright Andrea Jordan

Favourite place for photography

Andrea recently visited Antartica and says it’s a spectacular place and her favourite place in the world to photograph because of all the wildlife. She was lucky enough to have close encounters with penguins, whales and seals which was amazing. While she was there she also won 2 competitions with her photos from the trip. A landscape of an avalanche won the landscape competition, and a photo of a leopard seal won the wildlife section.

©copyright Andrea Jordan


Tips for inspiration and managing ideas

Andrea finds getting out and walking about the best thing, either with or without her camera. Although she does this travelling, she says you don’t have to be far from home to find inspiration. You simply need your sense of adventure and curiosity. Andrea prefers walking in nature or new places and she is constantly noticing things, looking for odd or quirky things, beautiful buildings, and lovely landscapes.

Andrea uses a notebook and her laptop to keep track of ideas, as well as the catalogue of photographs from her camera. She finds looking through her photos a great help for writing the blog posts for her website. She says she definitely does suffer from the common problem of too many ideas. A wealth of ideas is fun but then you do have to sit down and think about the purpose. Is it a hobby or is it part of a business? Is this particular idea just for fun or is it a learning experience? You can easily get overwhelmed with too many ideas and never move any of them forward so she says you need to narrow it down.

An organized approach works best for Andrea. She decides what to focus on each week, using a diary for business to plan out each day and each week. She will write a hand-written list for the following week on a Sunday so she can avoid mucking around or self-doubt and just get up and go.

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©copyright Andrea Jordan

Favourite creative tools and resources

Andrea does use Photoshop but more often uses LightRoom for photography projects.

She highly recommends the Pomodoro productivity technique and says it’s especially good for the days when energy is a bit low or for bigger, more time-consuming projects.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic has been a big source of inspiration too, as has the work of New Zealand photographer Sue Bryce.

Connect with Andrea

If you want to learn more about Andrea you can find her at for all her one-on-one business strategist work and also the blogging course she offers.

Check out her photography on Instagram. You can also find her on Facebook