Creative motivation

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In this week’s podcast Sandra Busby from and myself Tara Roskell, the Idea Medic share our tips on staying motivated creatively.

We thought that now would be the perfect time for this episode.

We’re coming to the end of the year, the evenings are drawing in, it’s getting a little colder and quite honestly it can be much more tempting to curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and the remote than it is to get to work!

So we thought that today we would share some techniques to help us stay motivated and stop us from procrastinating.

Detoxing Experiment

Sandra has been on a detox and talks about how that is changing how she feels both mentally and physically.

Morning Routine Experiment

Tara talks about her new morning routine including doodling, meditation, journaling (see the Artists Way – Julia Cameron), gratitude diary and happy levels.

Meditation App suggestions – Simply Being, Headspace, Calm. Podcast by Tara Brach

For more info on morning routines see the Tim Ferriss podcast and blog and check out Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning Book

Happy music makes you more creative

Tara reads an article saying that happy music can help you be more creative.You can find the article here.

Look back at your best work

Look back on your best work and then look back on your old stuff to see how far you have come since then. Sandra does this when she’s having a confidence melt down. She looks at her best work and wonders how on earth she did it! But the bottom line is, she did and she will do it again!

Organising your workspace

Sandra talks about the importance of organising your workspace. Clean and organise your work space. There is nothing less inviting than a chaotic space. Clean it. Organise it. Make it smell lovely! Have a box of choccies in the corner and make it a place you love to be.

Imagine your perfect day

Tara has recently had two people suggest imagining her perfect day.

Tackle the most difficult task first

Sandra suggests tackling the most difficult task of the day first. The smaller tasks will be much easier to fit in around it.

Create idea lists so you always have inspiration

Tara has been experimenting with coming up with 10 ideas a day James Altucher style.

Create your own creative rituals

Sandra suggests creating a ritual which triggers that it’s time for you to be creative. She has her own ritual of wearing her painting shirt and putting on her painting playlist.

Commit to a very small project

Sandra suggests committing yourself to a very small amount of time a day working on your project. Make it so small and easy it’s not worth missing

Set one big but realistic goal for the year… But it’s important not to feel overwhelmed, so separate that into several smaller, manageable goals in order to achieve it.

Studies have shown that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down and when they are in your view. So write those goals down and put the list where you can easily see it.

Visualise how you feel when you finish your project

Visualise how you feel when you finish your project. Remember how good you felt when you last completed something? Remind yourself that you are the only one who can get yourself to where you want to be. Do nothing? Then get nowhere!

Learn something new and challenge yourself

Learning something new or challenging yourself can give your creative motivation the kickstart it needs. There are loads of places to take free or cheap courses online. Skillshare/Udemy (some free) free courses at Edx, some free at Coursera and Udacity. Also find free amazing free lessons on Youtube – plus life drawing models at Croquis Cafe and New Masters Academy .

Motivational blog post

Check out Sandra’s blog post on motivation