time management for creatives

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Artist Sandra Busby co-hosts this episode about Time Management for creatives. She is about to take on an art commission for a large painting 5ft by 3ft. This means she needs to manage her time to fit it in around her job and Jury service.

We both share our tips on the time management. The things that have worked for us, and the stuff that hasn’t. Plus we have a small confession at the end of the show.

Social media time suck

We talk about one of the biggest time sucks, social media. Sandra suggests being disciplined and scheduling yourself set times for social media and emails.Tara shares some apps to help you stop looking at social media so much such as Focus, Focus Booster (mentioned by Margaret Rode in a previous podcast) or a free Chrome extension called Strict Workflow.

Use do not disturb mode on your phone

Sandra recommends using the do not disturb feature on your phone to block calls when you need to focus.

Scheduling work

You can do this really simply with a typed up list that you cross off, or use an app. Tara likes “Things” for Mac which lets you create projects and break them down into tasks which you can schedule. There are similar apps for other platforms such as Wunderlist and Todoist. Asana is also good if you want to collaborate with other people on tasks

Blog Editorial Calendar

Sandra talks about creating a blog editorial calendar on your computer. It’s like a blog posting schedule in the form of a calendar. Sandra does this via a spreadsheet.

Sandra Busby Blog schedule Spreadsheet

You can also write blog posts in a non-distracting app like IA Writer or if you prefer to talk, get your words transcribed with a service like Trint.

State your intentions online or having an accountability partner

Tara recommends the benefits of stating your intentions online via a blog or on Facebook. Sandra also feels compelled to write her newsletter regularly because she has told her subscribers she will. Having an accountability partner can also be a big help.

Getting up an hour earlier

Sandra started getting up an hour earlier every day a few months ago so she could spend that time sketching. She just couldn’t seem to find time to fit it in anywhere else during her day. After challenging Tara to get up earlier too she shares her results.

Cut down on TV

Sandra suggests cutting down on TV and only watching the stuff you really love. You could even sketch or scribble ideas as you watch your show. Tara and her partner have No Telly Tuesday, when they read or Tara scribbles ideas. They do allow themselves to watch something inspirational like Ted Talks instead of TV.

Productivity gadget: Donuthing

Tara shares a product she found which is a USB powered mini safe which holds a donut. The donut is only released after your task is complete. Find out more about Donuthing

donuthing anti procrastination

Chores and Cooking

If you can share the housework with family/flatmates or let it wait until you have time for your creative passion. Sandra suggests doubling up the amount you cook and then freezing meals for when you want time to create.

Productivity gadget: Elecknicks

Sandra shares a product she uses to get her moving. Electric shock knickers – Elecknicks. Find out more about Elecknicks

elecknicks productivity pants

Don’t let clients or others take advantage of your time

Tara talks about a client she had in the past who took advantage of her time, which led to a panic attack while she was driving.

Sandra’s blog post on time management


We hope you enjoyed the podcast….until next time.