dog toy product ideas

Just over a week ago I mentioned I was going to have another go at coming up with product ideas and trying to get one licensed. I will be following the steps in Stephen Key’s Book One Simple Idea (The yellow version).

The first thing I did was write a big list of possible niches. Some I am a lot more interested in than others but I wrote down everything anyway. It’s weird because as you list one thing it leads to another and you start to think of things that bug you.

List of possible niches

  • Pet product – probably dog as I have one.
  • Kids toy or game
  • Candy ideas – possibility because I have tried this before and have a contact
  • Food/snack/food packaging – inc Food that just needs hot water – thinking about when we go to France with the dog and end up with salad and pot noodle in the room at the overnight hotel.
  • Guitar or Ukulele product – I have tried to learn guitar (very bad at it) and have just got a Ukulele.
  • Chargers adapter organiser – all the adapters around the house drive me nuts
  • Alcohol/drinks packaging – I pitched something in this market many years ago
  • Interesting watches or ways of telling time – one of my early jobs was designing plastic style watches
  • Fun fitness for kids – No idea why this popped in my head as I haven’t got kids, but I know kids and exercise is an issue.
  • Art or stationery ideas
  • Gardening ideas – I hate gardening, but I know it’s popular. Gardening for the person who hates gardening?
  • Golf gadgets – my partner plays and buys loads
  • Cleaning gadgets – cleaning the shower cubicle annoys me
  • DIY product
  • Sewing product – I used to make toys as a kid, don’t like it now.
  • Try new things/sports app
  • Fitness product ideas
  • Movie night product
  • Teeth stuff seems big, teeth product
  • Storage solutions (golf kit storage)

I have also been for a walk round one of those shops that have a bit of everything to get inspiration. I also went to a small grocery shop and a pet store to kick start my brain.

From my list, there are a few niches that most appeal to me. So I will work through them one at a time to see if I come up with anything. If not I’ll move on to the next. I’m also not going to discount something completely unrelated popping in my head while working on the project.

My initial niches are

  1. Pet product
  2. Food/snack/food packaging
  3. Art or stationery ideas
  4. Guitar or Ukulele Product
  5. Alcohol/drinks packaging

I will be concentrating on the pet niche (dog product) to start with.

Study the Marketplace

The first step in the One Simple Idea Book is to study the marketplace. I’ve already had a look around one pet shop but will look around another and some online shops and trend websites.