I recently watched a Ted talk by Manoush Zomorodi who explains that being bored can make us more creative.

Nowadays with a phone or tablet always in our hands, we often don’t allow our minds to be quiet. I guess that is where all the current interest in Mindfulness has stemmed from. Whether we are working or at leisure we switch tasks a lot, this could be to check our emails or get a “fix” of Facebook. Apparently, each time we switch tasks this takes up valuable nutrients in our brains leaving little reserve for creative thinking. Manoush talks about a project she started called “Bored and Brilliant” where she challenged users to use their phones less and delete apps for a week. Watch the Ted talk to see the results.

This Ted talk reminded me of one of Sandra Busby’s suggestions to Embrace The Silence to get more creative ideas. She talks about this in our recent podcast “Twelve Ways to Get Ideas and Inspiration