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Why would you create a mood board?

The purpose of a mood board is to provide you with visual inspiration. It is simply a collection of images related to a theme or mood (hence the name). Fashion and Interior design are probably two of the industries that spring to mind when you think of a mood board. However, they can be used by anyone to inspire ideas.

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How do you create a mood board?

How to create a physical mood board

Imagine you are trying to come up with ideas for a new dog toy. You might go and buy a selection of magazines targeted at dog owners. Then start ripping out images of dogs playing and existing dog toys. You could also take screenshots of images you find online and print them out.

Next, take all those images and paste them up onto a large sheet of paper or board. By looking at the board you can get an overall feel for the dog toy industry and what toys are available. You might want to use the board alongside mind maps to start thinking about possible ideas.

One thing I love about creating physical mood boards is that the process of cutting and tearing gets you away from technology. You can also pin the boards up around you when they are complete. I think this allows your subconscious to work on ideas even when you are not consciously thinking about it.

How to create a digital mood board

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way of collecting together imagery for a mood board. Pinterest has its own built-in search so you can find existing boards and images which relate to your theme. You can add a Pinterest clipper to most internet browsers. This allows you to browse the web and save images straight to Pinterest. Mobile and desktop versions of Pinterest are available.

Collect together mood board imagery with Evernote

To download images from the web, right-click and save the image or alternatively use your computer’s screenshot application. You can also use Evernote’s Screen Shot facility (desktop version only). First, create an Evernote notebook for your mood board images. Then browse the web and take screenshots of imagery you like. Next, select all the pictures in that notebook and save them out to a folder on your desktop. Once they are downloaded use your favourite photo editing app to collage them together or try using Canva.

Canva for mood boards

Canva is another option for creating your mood board. You can either use one of their mood board templates or start with a blank page. Upload your images to Canva and then drag them onto the page. Next, you can resize and rearrange them. If you are using a template simply drop your image on top of the existing ones to replace them.

Use an app

I haven’t personally used an app to create mood boards, but in the past, I downloaded Moodboard Lite to have a look at it. Check it out in the App Store.