Richard Pettitt Comic Strip Artist Interview

My guest today is Richard Pettit, a comic strip artist.

Richard latest venture is a weekly comic strip called Oojo and Bink which is out every Monday. I just watched the brilliant first episode which Richard created as a short animation including doing all the voices.

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Tools and Books Richard Recommends

The Artist Way – A book by Julia Cameron

Morning Pages – Freewriting your thoughts in the morning – a brain dump

Mastering Comics – Jessica Abel

Calvin and Hobbes – A popular comic strip, the story of a boy and his real-only-to-him tiger

Bristol Board – A smooth surface board for fine detail illustrations

Pro Markers and Sharpie pens

You can find out more about Richard on his website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

Some of Richard’s Cartoons

Oojo and Bink

Oojo and Bink Richard Pettitt

©copyright Richard Pettitt

In the News Cartoon

prince bowie death

©copyright Richard Pettitt

Autobiographical Cartoon

autobiographical cartoon Richard Pettitt

©copyright Richard Pettitt

All images © Richard Pettitt