Yesterday I tried an experiment to see if I could use a random word to get blog post ideas. If you are stuck for inspiration for a post you might want to give it a try. You can read the blog post How to Get Past the Idea Honeymoon here.

Start with a random word

random noun generator

First start with a random word by using an online random word generator. I find that nouns work best. I asked on Facebook for someone to use the site and provide me with three random words for blog post ideas. I didn’t choose myself as I might have cherry picked the words. I wanted three words just in case one or two were totally obscure. The random words were city, wedding, and article.

Facebook random word post

Mind mapping the words

Then create mindmaps for each word, in order to think about all the things related to the words. You can also do a google image search for extra inspiration.

Random word: Wedding

wedding random word mindmap

google wedding random word

Random word: City

random word city for blog post ideas

google images inspiration city

Random word: Article

mindmap article

google image ideas article

Make some notes about your blog post ideas

Make some notes on potential blog post ideas from your mindmaps.


Notes: The coming together of two or more things to form something new, something on the new idea – honeymoon period, before you start to worry about the pitfalls.


Notes: Something on how your environment affects your ideas – Working out where you think best/get your best ideas.


Notes: Something about people using existing work to create their own. Autin Kleon uses blanked out articles to create poetry, Bowie supposedly did something similar cutting up articles for lyrics. Musicians sample songs, Collage – postal art, People do journalling and reuse imagery, someone’s been putting googly eyes on street items.

Write your blog post

If you are more organized than me you might want to start creating an outline for your blog post. I tend to just start writing and see what happens unless it’s a really long post and then I’ll start with some headings.

Give it a go and let me know how it goes.