What is the Idea Medic About

The idea Medic blog is a resource for sharing thoughts on idea generation, creativity and idea development.

Who is The Idea Medic

Tara and a post-it dogTara Roskell is The Idea Medic, providing first aid for your idea muscle. She lives in a world where ideas are cool and creativity is king.

Tara is passionate in the belief that everybody has the ability to be creative. They just need to believe it and learn more about the idea generation process. Her mission is to make idea generation and development more accessible to everyone.

Tara has worked in the Creative Industry as a graphic designer for over 20 years, for both national and international companies. She found that when she had to do similar jobs repeatedly she would lack inspiration. This led her to explore the world of creative thinking techniques which completely blew her mind. 

When she’s not freelancing, Tara can be found blogging, scribbling ideas for products and cartoons, reading books on creative thinking, walking the dog or practising her not-so-high kicks learnt in her karate lessons.

Tara lives in Northamptonshire, UK with her partner Kevin and their dog Diesel (a real one, not the sticky note one in the picture! 😉 )

You can also check out my design website at www.roskelldesign.co.uk

Some of my projects


I licensed an idea for Lolliprops to a company in the United States. These are lollipops which you can decorate with eyes, noses, mouths and other accessories. These got to sample stage, but unfortunately didn’t make it to market due to costings.

lolliprops licensed idea

Logo Design Course

Created a successful logo design course on Udemy with over 10,000 students

Udemy course

Mindfoolness® Book

This project stemmed from me deciding to take a free 8 week online Mindfulness course and cartoon my way through it. From there I developed the cartoons for a book on Mindfoolness which was co-written with Liz Smalley a Mindfulness expert. Currently with a licensing agent seeking publishers.
mindfoolness book

Sticky Note Character Cards

The original idea for using sticky notes as characters came from doing a freewriting exercise. I also produced 100 stickynote cartoons for the 100 Day Project in 2016. The designs are currently with a licensing agent

post-it cards

Sketchbook Relay – Started June/July 2016

I created 10 blank A5 sketchbooks with stickynote design covers and instructions inside. These were sent to 10 artists around the world. Each artist creates a page and then hands it on to another artist of their choice. So far places I know the books have been are UK, Scotland, Finland, Belgium, USA, France. If/when the sketchbooks get returned they will be sold for a charity voted for by the Facebook Group. www.sketchbookrelay.com

sketchbook relay

The Weather Pops Characters

Character concept creation and illustration which were featured in the kid’s comic Funtastic. These were also pitched as a concept by a TV producer to TV stations.

weather pops

Personal Character Design Projects

Spacenut and Friends
Spacenut character

Idea Affliction Cartoons

too many ideas