A week or two a go I published a 10-minute silent podcast, since then I have made a couple more with creative prompts. The idea is that everyone can make 10 minutes to be creative. When I published the first podcast I thought people might think it was a bit nuts, but I got a good response.

Andrea Jordan from www.learndiscoverbefree.com suggested that I should try a Facebook Live based on the podcast. This would mean that anyone that wanted could join me for 10 minutes of creativity.You do your creative thing (or follow my prompt) and I’ll do mine. To be honest this worried me. I am not very comfortable on camera (hence the cartoon becomes me) and I knew that whatever I created in just 10 minutes would probably be rubbish. But then I realised, that’s really the point. The aim is to encourage people to make time create without worrying about the outcome. To just do something and enjoy the process. You don’t even have to create a whole piece of work in 10 minutes. You could just make a start, and then spend 10 minutes a day working on it.

10 minute Creativity

A Facebook Live "10 minute Creativity" as suggested by Andrea Jordan. I have also created a new Facebook Group – Idea Medic Creativity Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/793861697449534/ Feel free to share your 10 minute creativity in the comments or in the group.

Posted by Ideamedic on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

If you tried it, feel free to get in touch or share what you’ve created on Facebook.

If you fancy joining me next week I will be doing another one on the Facebook Page Tuesday 25th July at 12.30pm GMT. I’ve also just set up a Facebook Group here.